About Us

Project Introduction

A smart and unique project, Brand Prints, is the first platform to transform the printing industry into a digital, (Digital Transformation)

Transforming the printing industry is not a simple matter it's multi-functions in fact it has many challenges, Especially technical and Logistical, for example, Specifications, Different types of papers, Finishes, Quantities, and their availability.

These procedures are different and in one integrated platform from the start of the procedure to the selection of the required product and then delivered on time to the customer

Simple Steps to Registration 
Few Steps and Real-Time Cost Calculation
The platform Supported in Arabic and English
Easy access to discover products along with specific Special Papers product

The Project

Brand Prints under the slogan (Print it Easily) is a service provided by Brand Action LLC established and headquartered in the Emirate of Dubai - United Arab Emirates, where the company has experience and a good reputation in the local market.

Project Idea

The idea in 2010, to have in one platform and it's originated by Mr. Mohannad AlKayyal, the founder, Where a study was conducted on the challenges of printing in the local market focusing on them and analyzing data along with complaints to create a creative system for new printing digital transformation.

Since 2010 the monitoring of the market and records at the end of every year, new data and analyses, and the outputs were updated continuously throughout the project study.

End of 2018, all the data were analyzed and we started studying a plan and business strategy for digital printing solutions to transform the sector from traditional to digital a large percentage as a preliminary procedure that starts on the platform and ends with fast delivery.

In late 2019, the project work plan completed along with agreements were concluded with suppliers in the region, the structure of the platform, and the main services and planning of the main and subsidiary products and services.

In the same year, we signed an agreement with a major developer (Mirawire Company for the brand of advanced digital solutions in the Turkey branch) to provide services and solutions for a digital transformation project, A Contract was signed for the project with a highly short time of six months for the first trial launch on January 17, 2021, for the first phase.

Excellence and Exclusive

Many types of imported High-Quality Paper are available on the platform, with their technical names in English Italian, and Latinian language, and they were exclusively localized for the first time on the platform and on the network.

Real-Time cost calculation to the customer, where he can compare according to changing quantities adds finishing with the ability to request a special product with short time price estimation.

The project has more than 3,000 different types of products in general, and the platform is constantly updated with new products

Synchronizing with our services, it the simple to compare between products ... Real Real-time cost calculation ... Request a design with all its options even if complex .... Upload your design, Download the design templates, and reupload it to start printing in a quick period of time, that's the most important services we provide to satisfy customers.

The ability to track the request and receive notifications of all stages of the process

Who are our future customers?

We are an integrated platform that meets the needs of the local market, especially the main sectors

Offices, Companies, Institutions, Factories
Universities Colleges Institutes and Schools
The Retail Sector
Government Sector
Food Sector
Advertising Industry
Manufacturing, Customization Industry
Signages Industry
Events and Exhibitions Industry

Our goal

Transforming the traditional procedure of the printing industry into an intelligent approach through the platform
Record the largest number of print requests locally
Simple Procedures, Brand Awareness, and customer satisfaction
Accruing the Quality, Designing, Implementation, and Delivery ending to client evaluation
Spread the brand globally

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