Terms of Service


General questions:

Who are Brand Prints?

A smart and unique project, as Brand Prints is the first platform to digitize the printing industry (digital transformation).

How does Brand Prints work?

The platform works by monitoring all products having issues in the United Arab Emirates, and present it in profissional way and always you find new products added in the product categories

How to register user?

Direct registration through the platform
Registration through a Facebook account
Registration through a Gmail account

What are the terms of data and privacy of my orders?

Brand Prints does not keep any data for a period of more than 20 working days, therefore all data related to the application, design, files and others are deleted automatically.

What are the most important brands (brands) available on the platform?

Arjowiggins - Given Graphic

Fedrigoni - Orchid

Cordenons Sona

What is the price policy in the Platform?

Brand Prints platform works on a special quality of pricing for each product with all its details, types, differences, main and additional finishing separately.

Some prices are not competitive compared to the local market?

Yes, the platform works differently from the local market in several ways
Speed ​​- quality of work - trained technical team - organized procedure - product and details - delivery and many other factors

Can I cancel an item that has been purchased?

Please note that the platform works with a large percentage of paper and printing, therefore please reviow the procedure according to the status of your request:

First case: Yes, you can cancel a product within one hour only (there is no diduction for any administrative fees)

The second case: Yes, you can cancel your request during the design stage (if your request is under process - the design value is only calculated and the print request will be canceled)

Third case: If your request in printing proccess, a field ticket in order to follow the order proccess and cancellation cost is calculated (administrative and other fees are required)

Fourth case: Ready-made design order is applied as above 1 - 2 - 3

Can I edit one product to another (upgrade)?

Yes, it is possible and it's depends on the stage of the request and the procedure at its time

Can I amend one product to another (downgrade)?

Yes, it is possible, and this depends on the stage of the request and the procedure at its time if the amendment is compatible

What is the procedure some types of paper is NOT unavailable after Purchase?

Customer will be notified of this procedure and have the right to choice to accept the date of re avalible or choice other paper or canclle the request to refund the amount if no design applicable.

What are Customized Products?

A uniqe service provided by the profissional design Team,
Request for services or products that are not available on the platform

What is the return policy?

IF the required Product / Specifications / Finishing are not met upon receipt
IF the product delay more than 5 working days after the expiration of the time requesting my account
Majour difference and difference in the pre-selected paper type and color
Poor Finishing

Can I pay cash?

Brand Prints platform having payment channels
Email us with details:

Do you have delivery outside the United Arab Emirates?

Not Avalible

Are visual samples available for a product?

Yes, please request it from:

What is your delivery policy?

Brand Prints cover all regions of the United Arab Emirates.
It is also possible to add multiple addresses in your profile (please add the full detailed address to avoid delays)
Additional fees are charged for delivery depending on the product value, and the region as well (see the fee table)